Customised Production Service

In-house marking

  • Data Plates

    This service consists of the pre-printing and etching of your aluminum and stainless steel data plates according to your specifications.

  • Tamper-evident Labelling

    Our tamper-evident labels are not removable without destruction and offer white marking on a black background,free slots book of ra as well as a linear barcode and data matrixThe tamper-evident labels are resistant to abrasion, UV, and chemicals, and can withstand temperatures of up to 2 700 °C. 

  • Engraving Service

    We offer an in-house laser engraving service; we have no minimum order quantities and have a very quick turnaround time. We can laser engrave any material with a logo, barcode, serial number, personalisation or 2D codes.

Mobile marking service

  • Tyre Marking

    We offer cost-effective alternative on-site marking solutions that don’t compromise quality for customers who are not able to invest in the initial outlay or validate the purchasing of a marking machine. We provide you with a fast, efficient and reliable marking service for your asset traceability and tracking which can be done on site for you at a fraction of the cost of purchasing the equipment. This service is suited for the large fleet, logistics, car rental businesses and the public sector.

  • Asset labelling services

    Most companies face significant challenges in tracking the location, quantity, condition, maintenance, and depreciation statuses of their assets. Our efficient and accurate asset management solutions help you manage your fixed assets which enables you to track and control your assets electronically. We provide you with a systematic process for maintaining, upgrading, and managing your physical assets. This service enables you to conduct comprehensive and cost-effective physical audits.

  • Logistics support

    We understand your need to optimize the value chain while maintaining a high level of quality. To complement our specialist range of marking equipment and components, and for activities where a well-managed logistics service is a real advantage over your competitors, we are committed to providing logistics management and high-quality after-sales service expertise. Our market presence ensures we can provide reactive and versatile responses to all our customers.

Contract Part
Marking Services

Our contract marking solutions can provide permanent serialization, date codes, lot codes, standard text, graphics and Data Matrix codes as per client requirements. We also specialize in marking and verification per Dod, UID and we utilise the best type of marking process and equipment suited for client specifications. Our Contract marking is well-suited for the following situations:

Low volume – You have a very low volume of parts or labels and the overall cost of owning a marking solution can’t be justified. Legacy parts – You have a number of legacy parts, and once marked you will not need to retain the marking knowledge or the array of different marking technologies needed to mark that inventory. Evaluating multiple technologies – You’re not sure what marking technology will work best for your final product, and by seeing the finished mark and process it will help make a better-informed decision on what solution to invest in.

Bring us your toughest contract marking challenge. Let our engineers demonstrate the quality of our contract marking by test marking your product.